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About is operated by Stock Circles, an SEC-registered Investment Advisory Firm. is designed for sophisticated investors located in the United States. As a client, you gain access to our exclusive investment products and investment philosophy. Our services are available to investors and Portfolio Managers interested in taking advantage of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Portfolio Management

    Systematic Investing

    Augment your profit potential by investing in some of the most popular constituents of the S&P 500® generated by Street Sentiment™,'s proprietary Artificial Intelligence.

  • Customized Strategies

    Based on Your Personalized Needs

    We provide you with access to our best strategies, customize them to fit your specific needs, and give you the privilege to invest using our Portfolio Management Platform.

  • Active Investing

    S&P 500®, Nasdaq 100, and Dow 30

    We use systematic investing on elite securities to foster liquidity, growth, consistency, and predictability. We aim to provide you with a satisfying investment experience.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that, to achieve superior returns, sophisticated investors can benefit from using technology. uses Artificial Intelligence to screens, monitor, and auto-invest in capital markets using your personalized strategy.

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    We offer a Portfolio Management platform that takes advantage of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence.

  • 02


    We listen to your needs and build a comprehensive program designed to meet your objectives.

  • 03


    We customize your strategy according to your preferences and prepare it for systematic investing.

  • 04


    We execute your investment strategy using, our Portfolio Management platform.


We offer several tiers of Investment Services. If you are interested in systematic investing, you came to the right place. For starters, we recommend the Investment Advice tier.

  • Investment AdviceFREE

    Investment System Suitability Analysis Investment Goals

    1. Consulting
    2. Strategy Analysis
    3. Planning
  • Sophisticated Investors%0.12

    of Capital/Mo Amounts to 1.44% of Capital / Year

    1. $100,000 Minimum
    2. Tailored Strategies
    3. Monthly Contract
  • Qualified Purchasers%0.02

    of Capital/Mo + 25% of Relative Performance Above Benchmark

    1. $1,000,000 Minimum
    2. Tailored Strategies
    3. Yearly Contract

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