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Our Business

Stock Circles is an SEC-registered, Investment Advisory Firm. We operate an automated portfolio management platform called in the United States. As a client, you gain access to our innovative portfolio management platform designed to execute systematic investment strategies. Our service is available to sophisticated investors and Portfolio Managers wishing to take advantage of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence. will automatically manage your portfolio based on your personalized strategy. is powered by Street Sentiment™, a powerful multi-dimensional market surveillance technology designed to find, monitor, and invest in some of the most positive stock stories found on the S&P 500®, Nasdaq 100, and Dow 30.

Investment Products

We offer a variety of active investment products that we personalize to fit investor preferences, suitability requirements, and needs. Our investment products are a great alternative to passive investment products such as ETFs.

Our Conduct Regulator

The Security Exchange Commission (SEC) is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services in the United States. This web site is designed to meet the SEC’s requirements for information disclosure. It contains information to help you decide if the services Stock Circles offer are right for you.

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