Stock Circles


Stock Circles mission is to simplify stock investing. To accomplish its goal, Stock Circles created an artificial intelligence trading application designed to eliminate most of the work involved in screening and trading stocks. The auto-trading service provides registered users access to a state of the art robotrader that uses Street Sentiment and other market data to trade elite stocks.

Smart Auto-Trading

The Service offers a rules engine allowing the user to build automated trading strategies. The trading system allows registered user's to define risk tolerance and/or personal preferences. Registered users can use smart auto-trading to simulate and test their strategy in real-time.

Stock Circles' algorithmic trading system monitors and trades elite stocks listed on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow 30 exclusively.

Simplified Stock Investing

The auto-trading service is designed to help busy investors, new or experienced, benefit from the latest technology while simplifying stock investing down to a few steps.

If you are interested in automated stock investing or just curious about how technology can help you become a better investor, register and try Stock Circles' Service today. It's free.

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