Emotions Influence How We Invest. Here is How You Can Manage Them.

To be a successful investor, we believe it is critical to understand, and hopefully distance ourselves from common emotional biases that lead to investment mistakes. To keep emotional biases in check, Stock Circles puts you back in control by automating your investment strategy.

Investing With Long-Term Goals

Long-term Investing is a mindset that cultivates long-term ways of thinking, acting, and being able to create futures that are worth living.

What is Trading Automation and What is it Good For?

Trading Automation provides undeniable benefits. A robot can monitor large pools of securities simultaneously and extract value based on specific criteria. It autonomously trades using your personalized strategy. Instrumented properly, it solves a timing and availability problem, it becomes a workhorse designed to make money on your behalf.

Stock Circles Launches One of the First Stock Investing Platform to Use Artificial Intelligence to Trade The S&P 500®

Stock Circles announces the immediate availability of one of the first stock investing platform to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) natively to trade stocks.

Stock Circles Announces Key Integration with Tradier Brokerage

Stock Circles announces key integration with Tradier Brokerage to bring artificial intelligence to Advisors and Retail Investors. Stock Circles combines simplicity and Artificial Intelligence with fully integrated trade execution from Tradier Brokerage to empower Investors and Advisors.

Smart Auto-Trading: 2017 Trading Results

Smart Auto-Trading, is one of the first trading platform to use Artificial Intelligence at its core to actively trade US Equities. Its auto-trading technology simplifies stock investing down to a few easy steps. In this report, we will be looking at SC Model performance, Stock Circles’ model strategy.

5 Ideas To Improve Your Active Stock Trading Strategy

Smart Auto-trading provides a reasonably small set of parameters to build effective trading strategies. It is generally easy to get started but many users have asked: "what is the best strategy one can use?". This article addresses that question using real data from successful traders on the Stock Circles trading platform. Here is what we found:

Robot Humanoid Market to Grow to $4 Billion by 2023

Human like robots are getting introduced at a fast pace. According to a market report published by Markets in Markets The market size will reach $4 billion by 2023 from $320.3 million in 2017 at a CAGR of 52.1% between (2017-2023) driven by the integration of advanced features such as natural processing language, biped motion, LIDAR and visual tracking technologies.

Hey Siri, What will Robo-Advisors look like when you grow up?

As their name implies, AI assistants such as Alexa or Siri already provide services in the homes of millions of Americans. Their commercial success is spurring large investments from their masters to capture the hearts of millions more. In this context, the next generation of robo-advisors, will benefit from more ‘intelligent’ or contextually aware assistant technologies smart enough to make financial transactions on your behalf.

Which Robo-Advisor is Right for Me?

There are many robo-advisors on the market to choose from but which one is right for you depends on a large set of factors.