How to Add Momentum To Your Trading Strategy

A good way to accelerate your accounts profit taking, even in slow periods, is to add new money to your trading strategy. The practice is known as 'Dollar Cost Averaging'. Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy where the investor keeps adding a fixed dollar amount on a regular basis to an already active strategy.

How Robo-Advisors Can Be Used For a Higher Purpose

In a rapidly changing world, where climate change threatens to affect our quality of life forever, we can inspire ourselves from the courage of world leaders such as Tshering Tobgay · Prime Minister of Bhutan and harness the income producing power that Robo-Advisors provide to fund projects contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Using Robo-Advisors to Fund Everyone

In a world set to eliminate millions of jobs due to automation, we need to invent new ways to generate income for our communities.

Systematic Strategies You Can Use for Your Retirement Account

Retirement accounts are tax-deferred which makes them the perfect vehicles to use for active trading.

Our AI Future & What Might Happen Next

Given proper data, AI has proven time and time again that it can produce a very accurate analysis of a particular context and recommend a viable course of action.

The Rise of the Machines

According to KPMG, more and more people will embrace self-driving investment products in the next 3 years. The business is expected to grow 68% CAGR to $2.2T by 2020. What is the impact on jobs and society?

How to Prevent Dumb AIs From Negatively Impacting Our Way of Life

Capitalizing on AI demand, IBM has built a considerable business around Watson, the first computer to beat Jeopardy's world champions...

Preparing for an Automated Future

According to Governments around the world, automation is on track to eliminate as much as 50% of todays jobs within the next decade or so. According to the U.N., this figure is expected to reach 75% in developing countries.

Trading on the News

'Trading on the news' is the technique defined as trading securities based on a news event.

The Birth of the Super Investor?

Some Hedge Funds and most banks use algorithms to automate their investment processes. This is about to change as laws and technology fostering an environment geared towards innovation and mainstream adoption.