How to Use Trading Automation to Help Communities

As Robot Automation progresses, many jobs are at risk of disappearing. A recent report from Pew Research Center states that most Americans believe that within 50 years, robots will do much of the work currently done by humans.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Invest

Though artificial intelligence (AI) has not developed into the levels of some science fiction novels just yet, is getting smarter at a rapid pace.

A.I. That 'Trades on the News' Goes Beta

A.I. that 'trades on the news' reaches another important milestone with its public beta release.

What is Artificial Intelligence Anyway?

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds. Within the next 3 decades, researchers suggests, computer AIs will be "smarter" and more present than ever in our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere: Now What?

Now that everyone can automate their investment strategy, what will happen?

What Does FINRA Thinks of Trading Algorithms?

FINRA says that Fintech startups who are making use of algorithms are coming and that it is time to provide best practices and guidelines.

Trading on the News

'Trading on the news' is the technique defined as trading securities based on a news event.

What is a Neural Network and Why Should I Care?

In the past decade, smartphones and laptops have brought us together like never before.

The Birth of the Super Investor?

Some Hedge Funds and most banks use algorithms to automate their investment processes. This is about to change as laws and technology fostering an environment geared towards innovation and mainstream adoption.

Artificial Intelligence Investing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) investing really means that a computer program is tasked to monitor and trade stocks based on your carefully crafted strategy.