The Cure to Stock Market Blindness

One of the main difficulties associated with stock investing is blindness. Investors are unable to react in time to market changes.

Why Humans Suck At Stock Investing

When it comes to stock investing a computer program can do a better job at stock investing than a human investor.

What is Street Sentiment Trading?

Street sentiment is a popular behavioral analysis concept used to determine trader sentiment. The hypothesis behind analyzing traders sentiment is quite logical since the market reacts to news events.

Street Sentiment Set to Improve Stock Investors Performance

Recent advances in street sentiment analysis enables Stock Circles to develop a more efficient workflow for short-term stock traders.

Stock Investing Becomes Easier By The Day

In a not so distant past making money on a stock trade inched on technical analysis and long hours spent monitoring market data. With algorithmic events being calculated daily, these methods are quickly becoming obsolete.

Eh! I Want to Become Wealthy Too!

You are working at the office and all the sudden you hear your neighbors talking about how much money they made on this stock or that stock.