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A.I. That 'Trades on the News' Goes Beta

A.I. That 'Trades on the News' Goes Beta

Stock Circles announces the public beta release of its A.I. that 'Trades on the news'.

The new application uses Street Sentiment and market data to screen and auto-trade elite stocks.

According to Jana Clemons, Stock Circles' CMO, "our smart auto-trading robot was trained over the course of the last 2 years to identify trading opportunities and to auto-trade elite stocks."

"We are very happy with the results we are seeing" said Clemons. "The application simplifies stock investing to a few steps. It truly lowers the barrier to entry for people interested in short-term stock trading and investing."

Stock Circles’ management anticipates that smart auto-trading technologies will eventually replace personal investment workflows. “This technology is virtually eliminating the need to pay someone to watch over your portfolio", says Clemons. "With this innovation, gone are the days of staring at Bloomberg terminals for the purpose of identifying trading opportunities."

If you are interested in self-directed short-term stock investing or just curious about how this innovation can help you become a better investor, you simply need to register and try Stock Circles' smart auto-trading in simulation mode at "Best of all, it's free" says Clemons.

About Stock Circles

Stock Circles is a Los Angeles company with the mission to simplify stock investing. Stock Circles created an artificial intelligence trading application designed to eliminate most of the work involved in screening and trading elite stocks. The auto-trading service provides registered users access to a state of the art robotrader that uses Street Sentiment and other market data to trade elite stocks.

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