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The Cure to Stock Market Blindness

The Cure to Stock Market Blindness

One of the main difficulties associated with stock investing is blindness. Investors are unable to find emerging stock stories and often fail to react in time when market dictates. Opportunities are missed and, more often than not, hard earned money is lost.

Blindness Cured

Modeling after the intelligence community's finest tools, stock market algorithms use listening and analysis techniques to improve financial performance.

The intelligence community computes voice and text communications in search for keywords, phrases and words. It extracts a risk score and finds where threats are developing.

Similarly, stock market algorithms listen to traders' communications to extract where the action is and determine if a developing story is a 'buy' or a 'sell'.

This intelligence is then made available to an automated trading program designed to execute trades.

The main benefits associated with this technology are that it reduces risk while optimizing profits.

In layman's terms, this technology works like a giant spotlight shining on the stock market to find where the action is. It helps reduce blindness and puts the odds in favor of the investor.