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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Invest

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We Invest

Though artificial intelligence (AI) has not developed into the levels of some science fiction novels just yet, it is getting smarter at a rapid pace. Think of AI. as a sign of the times, a harbinger for the overwhelming innovations that have been rooted into every facet of daily life, including how we invest. Using artificial intelligence is not only a smart move for making investments, the foresight of machines gives you overwhelming advantages and maximizes profit.

At Stock Circles, the newest release of a Smart Auto-Trading “bot” that uses the news to look into stock trends, simplifies the buy-and-sell process for you, the investor. The second advantage is that it takes the human element—and error—out of watching your stocks. Smart Auto-Trading is just one example of how AI is changing the way people invest. Artificial Intelligence will completely revolutionize the stock market.

A Powerful Example

It’s understandable that you might feel incredulous about the efficacy of using a robot to do what people have been doing well enough up to this point. However, as mentioned previously, people make mistakes. People overlook the obvious, trapped in their imperfect emotionally charged force fields. A bot that scans the news, like Stock Circles’ Smart Auto-trading, for example, basically does what IBM’s Watson does.

As many will know, Watson is a brain-child. The machine utilizes algorithms, reads millions of books per second, and then judges for itself what is most relevant. Watson’s artificial intelligence is so advanced that it even postulated some questions about current oncology studies, worked through them using the scientific method, and came up with new discoveries that humans have missed throughout the entire course of cancer research. This was done in the first week of Watson’s “enrollment” at an oncology center (Cancialosi, 2016a).

Now, Stock Circles’ AI is not as advanced as Watson; but the achievements during the first beta test were outstanding. Now, imagine having that type of ally when it comes to making investments and yielding fantastic results. You want to know your money is going to be working for you, right? Artificial intelligence takes the guess work out of what might be beneficial and simply makes the most advantageous choice based off hard evidence and relevant data.


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