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Why Humans Suck At Stock Investing

Why Humans Suck At Stock Investing

It doesn't matter how rational you think you are. When it comes to stock investing today's computer programs have a definite advantage over a human investor. Here is why:

Investors are:

  • Overconfident.
  • Emotionally attached to their investments.
  • Bad at processing large data sets.
  • Think that companies they like will do well tomorrow.
  • Sell too late.
  • Connect the wrong concepts together.
  • Or are plainly unavailable when market events dictate change.

Computers on the other hand can process a lot of data, connect the dots and make precise decisions based on computed events.

Algorithms extract with precision which stocks are 'strong-buys' and compute changes in the market. They follow trends and can issue a 'buy' or a 'sell' order.

Knowing this, why do we humans even bother?

We should just embrace the fact that computer programs are better suited for stock investing and use automated trading tools to our advantage. Evolve from traditional methods and let computers do the hard work for us.

In a not so distant future this technology has the potential to help improve the finances of large segments of the population.

With Stock Circles' street sentiment trading technology, we have reached this important milestone. We are entering an era where individuals are empowered by computer programs to realize their financial potential with more certainty and accuracy. An era of greater access to wealth and prosperity.