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2017 Q3 Robo Performance Report

2017 Q3 Robo Performance Report

The 2017 Q3 Robo Performance Results are in. Stock Circles' 2017 Q3 Robo Performance Report includes data sources published and maintained by BackEnd Benchmark. The report contains Q3 performances for the most prestigious names in the robo-advisory industry.

We took these results and compared them with Stock Circles model strategy so that we can benchmark Artificial Intelligence stock investing to traditional robo-investing / rebalancing methods.

Here are the results:

Most of these robos are trading index funds. An index fund is a type of mutual fund with a portfolio constructed to match or track the components of a market index, such as the Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500). An index mutual fund is said to provide broad market exposure, low operating expenses and low portfolio turnover.

They follow a passive form of investing. As such, these robos produce very similar results to one another. The performance results are said to track the index they follow.

Stock Circles on the other hand actively trades the S&P producing short-term trades. In that regard, it is considered a completely different trading strategy. It's Artificial Intelligence screens, monitors and auto-trades the same stocks found in index funds. Yet, Stock Circles' model strategy featured a performance more than twice that of the S&P for the same period.

Q3 Robo Performance Report

Robo-Advisors Performance Comparison


Data from January 3rd, 2017 to September 30, 2017

Robo data provided by: Backend Benchmark, Q3 Robo Report published October 23, 2017

Stock Circles' Model Strategy Data: Stock Circles Model Strategy, January 3 to September 30, 2017

Disclaimer: Backend Benchmark's data has not been audited. Robo-Companies operating large funds have different trading operations and fee structures than Stock Circles who is not operating a fund. Stock Circles' model strategy actively trades the S&P. This data is solely intended as an illustration to provide a performance comparison of popular US Robo-Companies trading equities with Stock Circles' model strategy. All Stock Circles results are calculated before expenses.