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Stock Circles Launches One of the First Stock Investing Platform to Use Artificial Intelligence to Trade The S&P 500®

Stock Circles Launches One of the First Stock Investing Platform to Use Artificial Intelligence to Trade The S&P 500®

Los Angeles, CA – Stock Circles announces the immediate availability of one of the first stock investing platform to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) natively to trade stocks. The platform, called Smart Auto-Trading, is simple to use and yet dynamically designed to make stock investing a virtual breeze for both novice and pro traders alike.

Investors can go to the gym, relax at home or enjoy quality time with their loved ones while the sophisticated AI platform auto-trades elite stocks. “It simplifies stock investing down to a few easy steps,” says Jana Clemons, Stock Circles’ CMO. “It lowers the barrier to entry for all investors regardless of their experience level. It just works!”

Stock Circles’ Smart Auto-Trading will help thousands of investors to take advantage of the stock market. Clemons says, “With Smart Auto-Trading, gone are the days of staring at Bloomberg terminals for the purpose of identifying trading opportunities.”

Enjoy your life, while Smart auto-trading works for you in the background.” Unlike other trading platforms, Smart Auto-Trading is highly affordable for any investor. “Our web application is absolutely free to use in simulation mode,” Clemons states. “Then, once investors are comfortable utilizing the application, they can elect to auto-trade for a low monthly fee based on capital invested.”

Though Smart Auto-Trading is available for anyone to use in simulation mode, investors must meet a few criteria to gain access to the entire platform. “In order to auto-trade, investors will require a supported brokerage account and a minimum of $25,000 in trading capital,” Clemons says. “If investors ever have questions about their eligibility or how to enable real-trading, we have a great support program ready to assist.”

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Stock Circles is an Internet Investment Advisory Firm headquartered in Los Angeles. If you are interested in using technology to help become a better investor, or to find out more information about the platform, please visit or contact them via email at

Disclaimer: Stock Circles Inc. (Stock Circles) provides a Service (Smart Auto-Trading) that uses Artificial Intelligence concepts to screen and monitor stocks on an ongoing basis. Stock Circles uses an automated, active trading strategy. No manual trading took place. All performance metrics are calculated before expenses. Unique experiences and past performance does not guarantee future results. Actual results are influenced by market conditions and/or service availability and accuracy. The S&P 500® is a registered trademark of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC. All rights reserved.