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Stock Circles Releases Smart Auto-Trading V3

Stock Circles Releases Smart Auto-Trading V3

Los Angeles, May 2, 2017: STOCK CIRCLES announces the immediate release of Smart Auto-Trading V3, one of the first robo-traders to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen, monitor and trade elite stocks.

Smart Auto-Trading ‘trades on the news’ using traders' sentiment and market data to screen and auto-trade elite stocks. “The Artificial Intelligence (AI) was trained over the course of 3 years to identify trading opportunities and to auto-trade elite stocks", says Clemons, Stock Circles CMO.

The new version of the AI augments performance relative to:

  • Screening accuracy
  • Timeliness of trades
  • Profit taking consistency
  • Risk management
  • Accessibility on mobile devices

The application simplifies stock investing down to a few steps while lowering the barrier to entry for customers interested in stock investing.

Stock Circles’ management predicts that innovations like Smart Auto-Trading will have replaced many professional investment workflows by 2020. “This innovation virtually eliminates the need to pay someone to watch over your portfolio", says Clemons. "With Smart Auto-Trading, gone are the days of staring at a Bloomberg terminal for the purpose of identifying trading opportunities".

If you are curious about how this innovation can help you become a better investor, you can try Smart Auto-Trading in simulation mode at "Best of all, it's free!" says Clemons.

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Stock Circles is a Los Angeles software company with the mission to simplify stock investing. For further information, please contact Ms. Clemons via email at: