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Using Robo-Advisors to Fund Everyone

Using Robo-Advisors to Fund Everyone

In a world set to eliminate millions of jobs due to automation, we need to invent new ways to generate income for our communities. And since our Governments can't even agree on something as simple as providing universal healthcare, we need to take matters in our own hands.

To do so, we propose to use the very technology that creates job losses to create income for members of our communities. More specifically, we propose to use investment robos to create and actively manage investment accounts, create policies and programs to enable the UBI experiment to take place.

To fund the experiment, we propose that each time a robo makes a profit, we voluntarily deduct a portion of the proceeds and invest it into a UBI fund. Doing so would enable us to build a sustainable income stream to fund the experiment.

To ensure success and grow the UBI fund, we call on all robos to join the conversation. As a first step, we need to discuss how we can raise, manage and fund regional UBI funds and articulate a strategic vision for the UBI experiment to take place. Once the structure is in place, we need to actively engage into funding the experiment and start creating accounts in specific communities.

The New American Dream

In a world where automation is destroying more jobs than it creates, we need to innovate. Since our Governments are unequipped or simply unable to act, we need to take matters in our own hands.

To reinvent the American Dream and ensure that we continue to thrive, we are inviting all the CEO of robo-advisors in the world to participate in the discussion to make the UBI experiment a reality and enable change.