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What is a Neural Network and Why Should I Care?

What is a Neural Network and Why Should I Care?

In the past decade, mobile and social network applications have brought us together like never before. The net result is what we call the creation of a large human 'neural network' with billions of nodes communicating with each other, each and every day.

This network is helping humanity by allowing ideas to travel far beyond physical borders. It helps us forge an awareness of ourselves in relation to the world we live in. It challenges false information, gets us to talk to one another and in the long run, it helps us resolve our differences.

We also do a lot of transactions using this network. We pay our bills, transfer money, find soulmates and we order products and services with the tap of a button.

Why should I care?

The decade that will follow will be about taking advantage of this information with the goal to provide user value.

In Defense for example, the intelligence community has already harnessed the data produced from the human neural network. Robo analysts monitor 1000s of conversations simultaneously to identify patterns and prevent unfortunate events.

In Dating, Computer Scientists use technology to match users by correlating habits and preferences. Apps help us become healthier by referencing our daily activities and making suggestions to improve our health.

In stock investing, the neural network is used to monitor related news and tweets to identify where the action is. Trading platforms such as Stock Circles are using the neural network's data to generate a Street Sentiment signal and auto-trade based on pre-defined rules.

The platform assists the investor in generating accurate screening results and auto-trades with the goal to improve financial performance.