What is Stock Circles?

Stock Circles developed a smart auto-trading application that uses trader sentiment and other market data to screen, monitor and trade stocks listed on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow 30.

Stock Circles' Service simplifies stocks investing down to a few easy steps.

If, like us, you are too busy to follow the market but think it is a shame that you are not taking advantage of it, Stock Circles' Service is for you.

Who can benefit most from using smart auto-trading?

Smart auto-trading simplifies stock investing for all its registered users.

Investors with limited knowledge, or investors too busy to follow the market, can truly benefit from using smart auto-trading.

Stock Circles' application screens, monitors and trades stocks listed on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow 30 using a state of the art Artificial Intelligence workflow that simplifies stock investing down to a few easy steps.

The application monitors, buys and sells stocks based on your personalized trading strategy. Simply configure your rules and start investing in simulation or trading mode within minutes.

What is artificial intelligence trading ?

Artificial intelligence (AI) trading allows a computer to 'think' like a professional trader. Its screens, monitors and auto-trades stocks.

In essence, Stock Circles' artificial intelligence trading system is trained to find where the action is. It executes tasks based on specific qualifiers such as a change in price, risk tolerance or traders sentiment.

Contrary to human beings, artificial intelligence trading is magnitudes better at trading. Because it can monitor and process large datasets, is not emotional, or bias to specific Companies, its makes it a better trader. It is much faster than its human counterparts and it never complains. It executes your personalized strategy on the dot, tirelessly working for you while you're busy attending other important life events.

Does the product provide real-time data?

Stock Circles' smart auto-trading application screens, monitors and trade the S&P 500, Dow 30 and Nasdaq 100 stocks in real-time. It is open for business on regular market days and follows the market between 9:30 and 4:00 eastern time.

Which online brokers are supported by the Service?

Live trading is available to Ally Invest Group users in the United States exclusively. Please contact us if you are interested in trading and we will hook you up.

What is smart auto-trading'?

Smart automated trading means that you are letting the computer execute trades on your behalf based on your carefully crafted strategy.

Once my simulation or trading session is turned on, what do I need to do?

Once your simulation or trading session is enabled, smart auto-trading will execute your personalized trading strategy without needing for you to intervene.

Smart auto-trading will start buying stocks shortly after market open.

While it is working on your behalf, you can drive to work, attend a yoga class or enjoy what ever else your busy day calls for.

We recommend checking your performance at least once a day. Doing so will ensure that you are properly informed about the performance of your strategy.

What can I do to get familiar with Stock Circles' smart auto-trading?

To become comfortable with Stock Circles' smart auto-trading, we recommend using it in simulation mode for at least 1 month. Doing so will help you learn what rules work best for you, risk free.

How much money do I need to start using Stock Circles?

Stock Circles' smart auto-trading is free to use in simulation mode.

Once comfortable with the service, you can enable trading with an initial dollar amount of $25,000 US dollars. We anticipate that live trading will open to the public this fall. Please contact us for more information.

Does Stock Circles recommend stocks or strategies?

Stock Circles Inc. is not an advisory firm. Its officers or representatives do not recommend specific trades nor do they suggest using a specific strategy to trade securities.

Stock Circles' smart auto-trading provides an unbiased stock screening and auto-trading environment on an ongoing basis. The information computed from its algorithms is provided 'as is'.

While using Stock Circles' smart auto-trading, it is up to you to create a winning strategy by experimenting with the provided options.

What kind of support does Stock Circles provide?

We provide free email support to our registered users. Use the 'Contact us' form and we will reply promptly.

What kind of trading strategies does Stock Circles' Service supports?

Stock Circles' Service supports long (buy), short-selling (short) and hybrid trading strategies.

Please be advised that some trading strategies are riskier that others and that you should take the time to consult with you CPA or financial adviser to discuss which strategy is the most appropriate for you.

Trading Style

How can I start using Stock Circles smart auto-trading?

You are only a few steps away from being able to use smart auto-trading.

Simply register, set up your trading strategy and start experiencing the smart auto-trading in simulation mode free of change.

Test different trading strategies, learn about the market and see how much money you could make.

Who is the smart auto-trading for?

Smart auto-trading is available to all investors, new or experienced.

New investors will appreciate the simplicity and peace of mind associated with automated trading while experienced investors will appreciate being able to put part of their portfolio on auto-pilot.

No investors' left behind. Stock Circles' smart auto-trading removes most of the work involved in stock investing for all.

If I am too busy to monitor my account, how can Stock Circles help me?

Stock Circles' especially helpful to busy, hard working investors with limited knowledge or time to follow the stock market.

If, like us, you are busy working during the day, you do not have time to follow the market.

Stock Circles' smart auto-trading removes the hard work associated with screening, monitoring and trading stocks.

It uses artificial intelligence concepts to screen, monitor and trade stocks on your behalf.

What is the difference between 'Continuous Trading' and 'Day Trading'?

'Continuous Trading' is a trading strategy that keeps stocks in market after hours until they reach a specific profit target.

Reaching a profit target is greatly dependent on market conditions. Depending on your strategy, it can take several days to yield a profit or not at all. 'Continuous Trading' will keep some stocks in market after market hours and will sell them if market conditions dictate or if the stocks have reached their profit targets.

'Day Trading' is a strategy that trades between 9:30AM and 4:00PM exclusively. Once a trading day is approaching close time, the Service sells all positions. This method ensures that no money is left in market after hours. Unless you stop the strategy, the Service will start again the next business day without needing your intervention.

What is a 'Market Entry Pattern'?

A 'Market Entry Pattern' tells the Service to acquire stocks based on specific parameters.

What is a 'Market Exit Pattern'?

A 'Market Exit Pattern' tells the Service to dispose of a specific stock based on specific parameters.

What is a 'Profit Target'?

'Profit Target per Stock' is a Market Exit pattern that tells the Service to dispose of a specific stock once it reaches a pre-defined profit target.

What is a 'Stop Loss'?

A 'Stop Loss' is a Market Exit pattern that tells the Service to dispose of a stock based on a specific risk tolerance value expressed in a percentage.

The 'Stop Loss' is calculated from the difference between the purchased price and the current price.

Am I an investor or a trader?

If an investor exceeds 3 roundtrip trades on the same stock within 5 business days, your broker is required to mark the account as that of a Pattern Day Trader (PDT).

Stock Circles' Service could buy and sell the same stock more than 3 times in 5 business days if it calculates that it is appropriate to do so.

Being labeled a PDT may affect your casual investor status and make you eligible to become a trader in the eyes of the taxation authorities. Make sure you consult with your CPA or financial advisor to understand how auto-trading may impact your casual investor status or your taxes.

What will I need to trade?

If you are ready to trade, you will need the following:

  • A brokerage account with Ally Invest Group
  • At least $25,000 in the account
  • Your account will need to be a margin account and will need to be marked as Pattern Day Trader (PDT) for auto-trading to work.

    Please inquire to Ally Invest Group to get your account setup.

    What is a margin account?

    A margin account allows a Pattern Day Trader to use Stock Circles to trade. Without it, a trader would not be able to trade because trades otherwise take 2-3 business days to clear.

    A margin account usually doubles the buying power of the trader. Although it could be tempting to use the extra money attached to a margin account, we recommend sticking to the cash equity portion of the account to trade. We consider trading using the margin portion of your account very risky and we do not recommend it.

    If you want to learn more about the risks associated with using the margin portion of your account, you can read about it here.

    Success Rate

    What yield can I expect from using Stock Circles?

    Market performance varies from one day to the next. Trading strategies' present performance do not guarantee future successes.

    Stock Circles' Service executes your trading strategy but can't guarantee a specific performance.

    The best way to find out if Stock Circles' smart auto-trading is for you, is to register and test a trading strategy in simulation mode risk free.


    What is the science behind stock market algorithms?

    Stock market algorithms are designed to process large datasets. They organize this information based on pre-defined rules and they buy or sell stocks accordingly.

    Algorithms are more and more present in our daily lives. Finding relevant information on Google for example is possible because of algorithms. The PageRank algorithm, invented by Larry Page is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results.

    In stock investing, algorithms regularly buy and sell stocks base on computed events. According to Wikipedia, in 2016, 75% of all equity transactions on US stock markets, were generated by algorithms.

    Algorithms are great at qualifying and at quantifying information. They execute trading strategies based on pre-defined rules.

    Can artificial intelligence predict stock market changes?

    Artificial intelligence trading systems are very good at calculating a probable outcomes based on the data it monitors. It is able to recognize patterns and take a reasonable course of action based on market events.

    However said, the market itself is 'imperfect'. It operates on a schedule. Prices will change overnight while the market is closed and algorithms are not allowed to trade while this is happening. Because of this limitation, they inherit market situations often less than ideal the next day and have to sell at a loss.

    Stock Circles smart auto-trading application uses artificial intelligence to screen, monitor and trade stocks with a high degree of accuracy but, unlike what our brains would like to believe, algorithmic trading systems are not able to win all the time mainly because of market schedules.

    US based trading algorithms simply do a great job at calculating a reasonable course of action for the stocks they follows while the market is open between 9:30 to 4:00 eastern time.

    What do big banks and hedge funds know about this technology?

    Automated trading based on pattern recognition is an old science.

    Banks and hedge funds are constantly developing and using computed trading strategies to improve their game. As of 2009, Wikipedia states that 'computers who are using events to trigger trades, accounted for 60% of all US stock market trading volume.' In 2016, event based auto-trading has ballooned to 75% of all equity trades.

    However said, the use of behavioral science to enhance modeling is a relatively new concept.

    Behavioral computer scientists use the human neural network, and specifically social network conversations to identify emerging stock stories.

    This type of information enhances traditional modeling by utilizing human behaviors as a precursor to price changes.

    Big banks and hedge funds are more and more interested in harnessing this valuable information to augment their accuracy rate and maximize profits.