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What is Robo investing?

Smart Auto-Trading is an advanced robo-advisor designed to provides investors with a a state of the art automated trading tool to trade the S&P 500. Its robo is designed to screens, monitors and auto-trades elite stocks like ANTHEM INC (ANTM) using artificial intelligence, social media and market data to augments your potential as an investor.

What is it good at?

If you are interested in systematic, active investing, Smart Auto-Trading can be a great alternative to passive investing funds. Smart Auto-Trading uses artificial intelligence concepts to screen, monitor and auto-trade stocks. Used in a tax-deferred account such as an IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Rollover IRA, Keogh, 529 College Plan or UGMA it auto-trades systematically using your carefully defined strategy. Using Smart Auto-Trading is like having a professional trader working for you. You turn it on and it just works.

Smart Auto-Trading actively trades the S&P 500 day-in and day-out in your account while you attend more important life events. Because of the systematic nature of Smart Auto-Trading, your account has the potential to grow at a higher rate than if you were to use a passive investment vehicle such as an index fund or a mutual fund. Systematic active trading using artificial intelligence holds the potential to grow the account faster.

Using Smart Auto-Trading is Easy

To connect Smart Auto-Trading to your account you will need to open an account with Ally Invest, one of the most trusted broker/dealer in the United States. Ally Invest is the brokerage firm Stock Circles uses to auto-trade because Ally Invest offers a very competitive price per trade.

To open an account, please go to Ally Invest's account opening page is available at: https://invest.ally.com/ola/

Once the account is open, you are ready to transfer your money into the newly opened account. To do so, you will need to send a copy of your 401K or other account statement to Ally Invest as well as transfer instructions to support@invest.ally.com. Once they receive your instructions, a Customer Support specialist will help you complete the transfer.

After a few business days, the account will be funded and you will be ready to auto-trade using Smart Auto-Trading.

While this is in progress, you might want to test your strategy in simulation mode free of charge at stockcircles.com. Doing so will help you get comfortable with the product's benefits.


There are clear benefits associated with using a robo-advisor such as Smart Auto-Trading to help you reach your financial goals. Smart Auto-Trading simplifies stock investing down to a few steps. It auto-trades for you, using your personalized strategy, while you attend more important life events.

Using Smart Auto-Trading is like having thousands of traders working for you to help you reach your financial goals.

Smart Auto-Trading actively trades which is different from passive investing. The robo is on the lookout working to maximize your potential every business day of the year. It trades on the news taking advantage of price changes and trends by listening into trader's communications and by validating this information with market data.

Smart Auto-Trading is one of the first robo-advisor to take advantage of Government grade listening technology, artificial intelligence, social media and market data natively.

Try Smart Auto-Trading today!

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Disclaimer: Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Therefore, you should assume that the future performance of any specific investment, investment strategy (including robo-strategies), or product made in reference directly or indirectly on this website, will be profitable or equal to corresponding indicated performance levels. Robot-Advisors like other investment methods rely on favorable market conditions to provide positive outcomes.


A.M. Best Comments on Credit Ratings of Anthem, Inc. and Its Subsidiaries Following Acquisition Announcement

A.M. Best has commented that the Credit Ratings (ratings) of Anthem, Inc. (Anthem) (Indianapolis, IN) [NYSE:ANTM] and its insurance subsidiaries remain unchanged following the announcement that Anthem has entered into an agreement to acquire HealthSun, an integrated system that includes a Medicare Advantage health plan and health care delivery network in Florida.

The acquisition will strengthen Anthem’s enrollment in Florida adding about 40,000 Medicare Advantage members to Anthem’s existing Simply Healthcare Medicare Advantage and Amerigroup Managed Medicaid membership. HealthSun’s Medicare Advantage plans are highly rated at 4.5 Stars. The transaction also will provide Anthem membership with care delivery capabilities with the addition of HealthSun’s primary care and specialty centers, as well as their unaffiliated network of medical centers. Furthermore, the acquisition positions Anthem to better serve dual Medicare and Medicaid eligible individuals in the state.

The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2017 pending the necessary regulatory approvals and to be financed through cash. Anthem’s finance leverage was approximately 38%, and cash and investments at the holding company were $2.8 billion as of June 30, 2017. However, Anthem still has the outstanding issue of the break-up fee related to the termination of the merger agreement with Cigna Corporation (Cigna) and related lawsuit by Cigna and counter lawsuit by Anthem. The break-up fee, as per the original merger agreement, was set at $1.85 billion. A.M. Best expects Anthem will manage its financial leverage to below 45%. Anthem’s financial flexibility is favorable, with cash and investments at the holding company being supplemented by its $2.5 billion commercial paper program, $3.5 billion untapped revolving credit facility and subsidiary dividend capacity that has been over $2.4 billion for each of the past three years.

Anthem’s operating results continue to be strong, and holding company liquidity is very good. Current year top-line growth for Anthem is being driven by enrollment gains predominantly in Local Group, Individual and Medicare business. Operating earnings remain strong; however, operating margins are lower than prior year due to increased benefit expenses. Furthermore, operating cash flows continue to be favorable and were 1.7 times net income through June 30, 2017. Anthem’s operating margins have declined in part due to business mix change related to the growth in government business, which typically produces lower margins than commercial business, as well as challenges in attaining profitability in individual business.

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