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What Problem Does Activefol.io Solves?

Activefol.io is an advanced automated portfolio management platform designed to provides investors with a reliable partner to automate their strategy. It is designed to screen, monitor and invest in elite stocks like "AON PLC (AON)" using Artificial Intelligence, social media, and market data to augments investors potential.

Activefol.io produces short-term trades which makes it an iActivefol.io in a regular brokerage account, you will be taxed at regular income. Make sure you understand your tax situation before using Activefol.io.

Using Activefol.io is easy. It connects to select Broker / Dealers in the United States. All you need to do is open an account, put a minimum of $25,000 in it and start your strategy.


There are clear benefits associated with using an automated investment system such as Activefol.io to help you reach your financial goals. Activefol.io simplifies stock investing down to a few steps. It invests for you, using your personalized strategy, while you attend more important life events.

'Trading on the news' is a technique used by investors to justify buying or selling securities. News reports often spur short-term moves in the market, creating investment opportunities.

Announcements about earnings, product launches, changes in management, all are events that can cause a company's stock price to move up or down.

Digital news sources

Today, news travels through digital means. It reaches social networks at breakneck speed. News can spread virally from the originator to millions of people in a matter of minutes. If the news has material value, it is re-tweeted immediately.

Artificial Intelligence Investing at its best

ACTIVEFOL.IO's proprietary investment system sift through 1000s of news to figure out where the action is. Its screening technology allows the automated portfolio manager to invest based on real intelligence.

With this technology, gone are the days of staring at a Bloomberg terminal for the purpose of identifying trading opportunities. Computers essentially have mastered how to 'trade on the news'.

Algorithmic Wall Street

As of 2009, Wikipedia states that computers who are using events to trigger trades, accounted for 60% of all US stock market trading volume.' In 2018, this phenomenon has ballooned to 85% of all equity trades.

Wall Street's automated strategies have become so pervasive that we can say that the market is about to become fully robotized.

Automated 'trading on the news' brings about a new world of opportunities, where investors will get a better 'bang for their buck' without the need for a traditional Investment Advisor. All they will really need is a brokerage account and access to their favorite auto-trading tool.

Using Activefol.io is like having thousands of spies working for you to help you get the best possible information available.

Activefol.io actively invests which is different from passive investing. It is on the lookout working to maximize your potential every minute of every business day of the year. It trades on the news taking advantage of price changes and trends by listening into trader's communications and by validating this information with market data.

Activefol.io is one of the first automated portfolio management platforms to take advantage of Government grade listening technology, Artificial Intelligence, social media, and market data natively.

Try Activefol.io today!

You can test your strategy in simulation mode, risk free, Stock Circles today.

Get started now - and see where active automated trading can take you.

Disclaimer: Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Activefol.io, like other investment methods, rely on favorable market conditions to provide positive outcomes.


Aon Appoints Richard Schuyler as Chief Executive Officer of Aon Carrier Link

Aon plc, the leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, today announced the appointment of Richard Schuyler as Chief Executive Officer of Aon Carrier Link, a channel that uses data and analytics to give buyers greater choice and efficiency of placing the largest and most complex risks.

In his new role, Schuyler will focus on enabling clients to digitally manage the entire placement process – end-to-end in a single platform – by leveraging technology to efficiently connect Aon’s retail broking organization with insurers. This innovative technology will simplify access, driving actionable insights from data.

“Richard is uniquely positioned to lead Aon’s mission of digital placement through Aon Carrier Link, as he has served in a variety of technology leadership and executive roles overseeing IT strategy, application development and operations,” said Michael O’Connor, CEO of Aon Risk Solutions. “His deep understanding of both technology and insurance broking will help us significantly scale and grow Aon Carrier Link.”

Schuyler joined Aon in 2013 and most recently served as Global CIO for Aon’s Business Technology Solutions group. He brings more than 20 years of technology experience across health care, insurance, financial services and consulting to his new role.

“Aon continues to invest in data and analytics to fuel insights and innovation for our clients,” added O’Connor. “This announcement represents a milestone on our path to transform our client experience through technology, data and analytics. We are committed to more effectively serve our clients now and in the future.”

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