Jean F Boisvert Jean F Boisvert

Jean F Boisvert

Co-Founder & CEO/CCO

Jean F Boisvert, MBA is Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. Mr. Boisvert's is a proven leader with 22 years of experience in Silicon Valley, Quebec City and Los Angeles.

Mr. Boisvert's passion for technology and Fintech led him to move to Silicon Valley at a young age where he learned the ropes of building successful businesses by providing user and shareholder value using technology. Prior to Stock Circles, we worked for notable Companies such as Charles Schwab, William O'Neil + co, Disney Internet Group and CitySearch.

Annouchka Yameogo Annouchka Yameogo

Annouchka Yameogo

Co-Founder & CXO

Annouchka Yameogo is Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer. She is responsible for the end to end Customer Experience, including the brand.

Though Mrs Yameogo earned her Master in Economics at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and was an economist in her early professional life, her passion was always in the creative field.

She has over 14 years of experience in brand, creative and user experience. Her experience includes Vice President User Experience and Creative at LegalZoom and senior director roles in companies such as Citysearch and MyLife.

Gurinder Singh Gurinder Singh

Gurinder Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Gurinder Singh is Chief Technology Officer, with responsibility for architecture, data science, database design, network management and application development.

Mr. Singh has 15 years experience in Systems and commercial application development. He architected the AI that powers Smart Auto-Trading from the grown up, manages a team of talented data scientists and Web Application Engineers.

Jana Clemons Jana Clemons

Jana Clemons

Chief Marketing Officer

Jana Clemons is Chief Marketing Officer, with responsibility for Marketing & Communications.

Mrs. Clemons obtained her Masters in Economics from Mendel’s University in the Czech Republic and completed selected business courses from Harvard University.

She has over 15 years of experience in product marketing focusing on subscription business models. Her experience includes Director of Product Marketing at LegalZoom and leading marketing positions in companies such as MyLife and j2Global.

Shawn Singh Shawn Singh

Shawn Singh

Board Member & Director

Shawn Singh, is Board Member and Director. Mr. Singh is currently CCO at Luminus Management in New York City.

Mr. Singh's passion for Fintech led him to manage billions of dollars in assets for large hedge funds like Guggenheim and DW Partners. At Stock Circles, Mr. Singh provides invaluable insights in compliance and strategy to help the Company get to the next level.